One hours salary will help change the lives of the disabled in Guernsey

The Home provides care for Islanders living with the challenge of severe physical disability and requires the help and financial support of the local community to keep this vital facility from closing. The annual Final Hour Salary Appeal requires Guernsey’s employees to donate their last salary of 2016 to the charity.

“Our residents suffer from a range of physical disabilities including multiple sclerosis, spinal injury, strokes, Parkinsons disease, motor neurone disease, arthritis and the effects of accidents. Without the support of the local community they would be resigned to a life in an institutional and clinical medical ward. At the Cheshire Home they have the chance to live an independent life together with the support and care of highly qualified professionals,” said the Home’s head of care, Nic Mountain.

IIn previous year’s local businesses have supported the initiative and the Home is hopeful that, despite the economic climate, Guernsey’s employees will kindly support this initiative once again.

“In recent years, local businesses and more importantly, their employees, have been fantastic. We hope that we can build on regular and the most generous Final Hour supporters such as BWCI, Butterfield Bank and Guernsey Post,” said the Home’s fund raising supporter Jon Taylor.

The funds raised go directly towards running the Home and importantly, providing independence for the residents to live as normal a life as possible. Simple excursions that we enjoy and take for granted can often take military style operations, according to Mr Mountain.

“The Home’s philosophy is to provide our residents, not just with vital clinical care but also the freedom to enjoy a life beyond disability. For example, many of our residents are keen swimmers and love the freedom water can give them. Your money helps the likes of Robbie (pictured), who is one of our longest serving residents, enjoy trips to Beau Sejour. Swimming is more than just a pastime. For residents with Parkinsons or MS, the feeling of decreased weight will lead to a decrease in pain and improvement of other sensory perceptions. These changes may lead to greater ease and range of movement,” said Mr Mountain.

“This appeal has a low cost individually but a huge impact collectively. It also means local employees and employers know there money is staying on island and going to those in society who need it most. Any one of us in Guernsey could find ourselves relying on the Home. Diseases such as Parkinsons and Multiple Sclerosis could affect any one of us and without the Home life for those living with disability would be very different.

If you would like to donate your final hour salary of 2016 then you can do it individually via the Home’s Final Hour JUSTGIVING page or alternatively an employer can contact the charity to arrange a Payroll payment directly to the Home’s account.

“The Guernsey Cheshire Home provides an essential health service for the Island but without the support of islanders we wouldn’t be able to sustain the service of care for people living with the challenge of severe physical disability. It costs £600,000 to run the Home so campaigns such as the Final Hour Salary Appeal are vital for our future.