We asked our Dream holiday ambassadors where they’d go if they won…



Cape Town is a port city on South Africa’s southwest coast, on a peninsula beneath the imposing Table Mountain. Slowly rotating cable cars climb to the mountain’s flat top, from which there are sweeping views of the city, the busy harbour and boats heading for Robben Island, the notorious prison that once held Nelson Mandela, which is now a living museum…



The Canadian Rockies mountain range spans the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. With jagged, ice-capped peaks, including towering Mt. Robson, it’s a region of alpine lakes, diverse wildlife and outdoor recreation sites. Yoho National Park is home to the massive Takakkaw Falls. Other national parks are Jasper, with the famously accessible Athabasca…



New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It comprises two main landmasses – the North Island and the South Island – and around 600 smaller islands, covering a total area of 268,021 square kilometres. New Zealand is about 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) east of Australia across the Tasman Sea and 1,000 kilometres (600 mi) south of the islands…



Turks and Caicos is an archipelago of 40 low-lying coral islands in the Atlantic Ocean, a British Overseas Territory southeast
of the Bahamas. The gateway island of Providenciales, known as Provo, is home to expansive Grace Bay Beach, with luxury resorts, shops and restaurants. Scuba-diving sites include a 14-mile barrier reef on Provo’s north shore and…



Japan is an island country of East Asia in the northwest Pacific Ocean. It borders the Sea of Japan to the west and extends from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south. Japan is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire and comprises an archipelago of 6,852 islands covering 377,975 square kilometers (145,937 sq mi); its five main islands, from north…



Costa Rica is a rugged, rainforested Central American country with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific. Though its capital, San Jose, is home to cultural institutions like the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, Costa Rica is known for its beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity. Roughly a quarter of its area is made up of protected jungle, teeming with wildlife…



April 2024

Robert Bruce

March 2024

Jane Bourgaize

February 2024

Antoinette Woodhead

January 2024

Katherine Tostevin


December 2023

Nicky Queripel

November 2023

Mandy Lindsay

October 2023

Craig Rosamond

September 2023

Mr G. W. Pugh

August 2023

Alison Good

July 2023

Dave Le Cras

June 2023

Marc Breton

May 2023

Donna Harvey

April 2023

Aaron Walden

March 2023

Ellen Ogier

February 2023

Dominic Palmeri

January 2023

Matthew Mollett


December 2022

Andrew Elliott

November 2022

Tracey Thomson

October 2022

Kate Dorey

September 2022

Nicky Harrison

August 2022

Michael Sullivan

July 2022

Jason Bishop

June 2022

Sharon Alvarez

May 2022

Gale Esteves

April 2022

Jodie Guilbert

March 2022

Richard Lowe

February 2022

Alex Jenner

January 2022

Emma Skillett


December 2021

Johnathan Dorey

November 2021

Kelly Hainsworth

October 2021

Elizabeth Lambourne

September 2021

Norman Wilkinson

August 2021

Kim Morton

July 2021

Phil Trouteaud

June 2021

Wenda Matthews

May 2021

Richard Cann

April 2021

Kirsty Angell

March 2021

Jeanette Gray

February 2021

Janet Hawke

January 2021

Lynne McLagan


December 2020

Steph Davies

November 2020

Jason Moriarty

October 2020

Anita Jones

September 2020

Mark Smith

August 2020

Leanne Ogier

July 2020

Laura Bartie

June 2020

Samantha Renouf

May 2020

Anne Falla

April 2020

Athena Chan

March 2020

Jordan Rhodes

February 2020

Aleksandra Mieczakowska

January 2020

Brenda Petsche


December 2019

Laura Bourgaize

November 2019

Racheal Day

October 2019

Suzanne Brehaut

September 2019

Jean Sidebottom

August 2019

Hayley Bull

July 2019

Simon Harris

June 2019

Alison Healey

May 2019

Karinna Jonkmans

April 2019

Julie Creed

March 2019

Karina Bowie

February 2019

Kim Ashplant

January 2019

Jo Martorella


December 2018

Haley Camp

November 2018

Neil Murray

October 2018

Shane Gaudion

September 2018

Sharon Sebire

August 2018

Gemma Pols

July 2018

Kristina Smith

June 2018

Rachel Sherbourne

May 2018

Alison Ewins

April 2018

Chris Fletcher

March 2018

Julie Evemy

January 2018

Elizabeth Dodd


December 2017

Justine Clay

November 2017

Sharon Walden

October 2017

Lyn Jordan

September 2017

David Cutter

August 2017

Linda Tostevin

July 2017

Rhona Humphreys

June 2017

Sue Power

May 2017

Lisette Wakeford

April 2017

Jodie Guilbert

March 2017

Julie Le Sauvage


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Yes, also if the account is a joint account where one surname is different – this will help us to match your payment to your registration – please email us (see above)

Q:    Do I need to tell you if I change my address or other personal details (surname/email address)?

A:    Yes, please email us with your new address/other personal details that have
changed so that we can update our records.

You do not need to change your Ticket Ref – see next question.

Q:    Do I need to change my Ticket Ref (Identification Number) on my standing order payment if I change my address?

A:    You can continue to use your existing Ticket Ref if you change address – we will still use it to match your payment to your registration (we match the bank account name and Ticket Ref from the narrative on our bank statement to the entrant name and Ticket Ref in our registration database).

Please email us (see above) with your new address so that we can update our records.

Q:    Why am I not receiving the monthly email to say that I am in the draw?                  

A:    The cut-off for payments to be entered into each draw is the 20th of the month so if we have received your money by that date you should be in the draw.

The email to all entrants who are in that month’s draw is issued on the Thursday before the draw, which is on the last Friday in the month.

The email is sent using a mailing list format.  It might be received into your Junk or Spam Inboxes so please check there as well.

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  6. Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click ‘Cancel.’
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  1. Go to paypal.co.uk and log in to your account.
  2. Click ‘Profile’ near the top of the page.
  3. Select ‘My money’.
  4. In the ‘My preapproved payments’ section, click ‘Update’.
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A:    Please see our General Privacy Notice which explains the basis on which we process personal data/information.

Where we only hold your data in relation to your entry in our Dream Holiday Draw, then we will only use that data to contact you in relation to our Dream Holiday Draw and not for any other purpose.

Win a holiday of a lifetime every month

Worth £6,000 and just £10 a month to enter. Entries/tickets limited to 3,000

In collaboration with Wayfarers Travel Ltd & escapetherock.gg, you have the chance to win a holiday of a lifetime every month worth £6,000.

This prize draw is open to residents of the Bailiwick of Guernsey only and aged 18 years and older. For the full Terms and Conditions click here.

How to Enter

Enter by donating £10 a month to the Guernsey Cheshire Home. This enters you once (one ticket) into the draw, which takes place on the last Friday of every month.

You can enter as many times as you wish, for a further £10 for each entry. Funds must be received before the 20th of each month in order to be entered into that month’s draw. To be sure the funds are received in time you may wish to set up your standing order for the first or second week of the month. If funds are received after the 20th of the month you will be included in the following month’s draw.

Two Easy Steps: (1) Registration; (2) Payment

Registration: Register online and pay via PayPal or set up a standing order online if you have access to online banking (alternatively complete a hard copy Standing Order Form – see details below). Clicking the button above will take you to our registration page.

Please complete all the fields. It is VERY IMPORTANT to create your own unique registration code. This is six characters long and includes the last three letters of your surname and the last three characters of your home postcode. For example, if you are Mr Smith and your post code is GY1 1AB then your unique registration code is ‘ITH1AB’. The same unique registration code must also appear when your funds are transferred so that we can match your funds with your registration.

Check that your details on the form are correct and press the ‘Register Now’ button. You will receive a “submission received” email with details of how to make your payment (options below).

Payment Options

1. Set up a PayPal automatic recurring payment* via our website; or
2. If you have access to online banking set up a standing order online.

Our bank account details:

Account NameGuernsey Cheshire Home
BankLloyds Bank Guernsey
Account Number30028568
Sort Code30-93-73

Please also note the following:

Your monthly payment should be for the amount of times you wish to enter each month (ie 1 ticket = £10 a month; 2 tickets = £20 a month, 3 tickets = £30 a month).

Please ensure that your Identification Number (last three letters of surname and last three characters of home postcode) are quoted when the funds are transferred so that we can match your funds to your registration.

Let us know by email to gsycheshireinfo@suremail.gg if the surname of the bank account name (or either surname where the account is in joint names) is different to the registration surname.

3. Alternatively complete the hard copy Standing Order Form – Click Here to download. Once you have registered online the completed form should be sent directly to your bank – we will have your registration details so don’t need the form, HOWEVER, if the surname of the bank account name (or either surname where the account is in joint names) is different to the registration surname please send us an email (gsycheshireinfo@suremail.gg) to let us know so we can match your funds with your registration.

Confirmation of your Entry

Subject to receipt of funds an email will be sent to you advising of acceptance of your entry at least one business day prior to the draw date. If you do not have an email address we can send a text message to a mobile number instead NB: the text message will be sent to confirm entry into the first draw following receipt of funds. Thereafter entry into the draw will be automatic subject to receipt of funds (no further text confirmation will be issued).

This draw is limited to 3,000 tickets so don’t delay, sign up today!

If you have a query and can’t find the answer on this page or in our DHD Terms and Conditions or FAQs page, please email gsycheshireinfo@suremail.gg

(a response will be issued during office hours)

Thank you for supporting the Home and good luck!

* PayPal will charge a fee of £0.20 + 1.4% of the total cost per transaction.