Dec 2015 / Property lottery success

At the end of last year the Home organised its bi-annual Property Lottery. More than 4,400 tickets were sold for £200 each and although the winners would like to remain anonymous, we can report that they are a very deserving local family. The campaign was brilliantly run by Alex Jenner and with the help of our supporters and sponsors we managed to raise £247,000 for the Home and Lord Taverners.

The draw took place at the Home on New Year’s Eve and was live on Island FM. After an unsold ticket was first drawn for the top prize, the second draw revealed that number 4555 had won the St Peter Port house, which was valued at £600,000.

Head of Care, Nic Mountain, was one of the four people drawing the balls for the lottery, which took place in its lounge. ‘It’s incredibly important,’ he said ‘From a fundraising point of view it’s been a chance to raise a large amount of money, but it also has raised the profile of the Home.’

The Home would like to thank Mourant Ozannes, Qube, Le Maison de Champagne, Ray & Scott, Island FM, Dale Crowsley and his team at Forest Road Garage and Alex Ford and his team at Sarnia Estate Agents.