Previous Winners of the Dream Holiday Draw

May 2020 Winner

Anne Falla

April 2020 Winner

Athena Chan

March 2020 Winner

Jordan Rhodes

February 2020 Winner

Aleksandra Mieczakowska

January 2020 Winner

Brenda Petsche

December 2019 Winner

Laura Bourgaize

November 2019 Winner

Racheal Day

October 2019 Winner

Suzanne Brehaut

September 2019 Winner

Jean Sidebottom

August 2019 Winner

Hayley Bull

July 2019 Winner

Simon Harris

June 2019 Winner

Alison Healey

May 2019 Winner

Karinna Jonkmans

April 2019 Winner

Julie Creed

March 2019 Winner

Karina Bowie

February 2019 Winner

Kim Ashplant

January 2019 Winner

Jo Martorella

December 2018 Winner

Haley Camp

November 2018 Winner

Neil Murray

October 2018 Winner

Shane Gaudion

September 2018 Winner

Sharon Sebire

August 2018 Winner

Gemma Pols

July 2018 Winner

Kristina Smith

June 2018 Winner

Rachel Sherbourne

May 2018 Winner

Alison Ewins

April 2018 Winner

Chris Fletcher

March 2018 Winner

Julie Evemy

January 2018 Winner

Elizabeth Dodd

December 2017 Winner

Justine Clay

November 2017 Winner

Sharon Walden

October 2017 Winner

Lyn Jordan

September 2017 Winner

David Cutter



August 2017 Winner

Linda Tostevin

July 2017 Winner

Rhona Humphreys

June 2017 Winner

Sue Power

May 2017 Winner

Lisette Wakeford

April 2017 Winner

Jodie Guilbert

March 2017 Winner

Julie Le Sauvage

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