Would you donate your final hours salary to the Home?

“The Guernsey Cheshire Home provides an essential health service for the Island but without the support of islanders we wouldn’t be able to sustain the service of care for people living with the challenge of severe physical disability. Each year we have to raise nearly £1,300,000 to keep the Home open so campaigns such as the Final Hour Appeal are vital for our future”

“This appeal has a low cost individually but a huge impact collectively. Any one of us could find ourselves or a family member relying on the Home. Diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis could affect any one of us and without the Home, the options for a fulfilling life for those living with disability would be very limited”, explained the Home’s Manager, Nic Mountain.

If you would like to donate your final hour salary of 2017 then you can do it via the Home’s Final Hour JustGiving page or if you are an employer you can arrange a Payroll payment directly to the Home’s account by contacting Karen at the home.

Use our Final Hour Calculator on our website to work out your final hour wage you can of course donate more if you wish.