The Home has one aim: to provide care and opportunity for people with physical disabilities in as close to a family atmosphere as possible. This preserves their dignity and individual independence as well as providing residents with the absolute right to live a life of their own choosing. The Home is a unique facility that for thirty years has been providing a high level of care for islanders with physical disabilities including multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, stroke and spinal injury. It provides a home for people who need continuous care and are unable to live in their own home. Without the Guernsey Cheshire Home where else would these islanders live or be cared for?

In order to achieve our aim, we need to raise at least £500,000 each year. So, it’s natural for us to reach out to the local business community. We hope to form mutually enriching partnerships that don’t just benefit our residents but which reward the givers as well.

By giving to us we hope to give back to you. Numerous surveys have shown that companies that give:

  • Have staff who respect their leaders
  • Have staff who feel good about their company
  • Have enhanced staff relations and teambuilding
  • Have greater staff retention
  • Have better public relations
  • Have solid core values, helping to define the corporate identity

A partnership with the Home can help to develop a sense of corporate empathy, recognising how others feel. Also, a company can solidify its own values by giving back to organisations that match those values.

Our team would be very happy to provide logistical fund-raising support, make presentations to staff and management, provide opportunities for volunteering for staff and generally deliver the life-affirming feeling of helping others.

To build upon these themes:

We have devised a campaign called “Are you an organisation with a big heart?” which is designed to show ways that your shareholders, management, staff and clients can help us while building team spirit and a sense of community.

At an individual level we have recently launched The Dream Holiday Draw which involves making a regular £10 donation against the chance of winning a £6,000 holiday each month.

For the community, we run The Boxing Day Dip where thousands of people congregate at 10:00am on Boxing Day to celebrate the madness of the Guernsey Community – sponsorship would be welcome!

If you were keen to partner with us, we would be delighted to be considered for:

  • The position of Charity of the Year whereby our experienced Board, support group and fund-raising partners would work with you to help hit a target for fund-raising for the Home while delivering the benefits that a partnership with a charity delivers.
  • Donating funds for a specific project. We are in desperate need of a new lift in the home. Having a tangible fund-raising target gives a firm an added incentive to work with the charity to achieve a specific goal.

I look forward to hearing if you are interested in partnering with us.

One big happy family

The Home is a unique facility that for 30 years has been providing a home for people who need continuous care and are unable to live in their own homes. It opened its doors in 1987 and was the brainchild of a group of pioneering islanders who recognised the need for a dedicated care facility for local residents with physical disabilities. Today, the Home has 11 long-term residents, 14 day visitors (who visit between once and three times a week) and several people living in the community who come for respite to give their carers a well deserved break.

That feeling of home

Charlie is 50 and enjoyed a successful career at the Garenne Group before he was diagnosed with MS. Charlie was active and had a passion for sailing. Now a long-term resident, Charlie still gets the chance to set sail. “We all have different interests and mine is sailing but we also all get on together. If I want my own space I can go to my room which is decorated to my taste and specification. I really feel at home,” said Charlie.

Living life to the full

The Home provides specialist medical care through a team of registered nurses and VQ3 trained staff. The Home also provides activities for both residents and day visitors, including such varied events as adventure outings, arts and crafts and fishing trips; in fact anything that the residents have an interest in and which are possible to organise. The Activities Department, staff and volunteers all assist in making these activities happen. There is a fleet of specially adapted vans available for residents’ use; these have all been donated to the Home.

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