Congratulations Helen!

Congratulations to Helen Bonner-Morgan for her nomination for the Moonpig-sponsored Arts Contributor of the Year.

Find out why the Home were keen to see Helen recognised by reading the nomination below:

‘She has been running annual Art On Prescription workshops since 2016, as head of Arts For Impact, and our residents and day visitors have taken part in all of them,’ said Guernsey Cheshire Home administrator, Karen Le Page who has nominated Helen, along with Jill Marquis, who is a day visitor to the home.

‘Having worked in our activities department until 2017, Helen has a very good understanding of our philosophy of empowerment and advocacy and looking at what residents can do, not what they can’t. Helen sees herself as a facilitator and feels that there are so many cognitive and physical benefits to working on creative projects like these.’

Karen said that everyone is inspired when working with Helen.

‘She is an inspiration to all taking part, allowing some to hone their existing artistic talent and others to discover untapped skills. Everyone has been a part of the whole creative process, from choosing the subjects, to researching, sketching, mixing colours, carving print blocks, printing, cutting, collaging and designing each piece of work. This not only boosts their confidence it also raises morale.

‘Helen also runs these courses at Styx as well as drop-in art sessions. She is so helpful and dedicated to everyone. She also works with a group of people with Alzheimer’s and runs workshops for children.’

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